I'm a results-driven Operations Manager helping companies achieve their growth goals. I accomplish this by identifying areas of opportunity for operational process improvement and then designing solutions that solve those problems while also improving upon current processes, procedures, and systems already in place.  

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Why Me?

I can translate my company's internal lingo on a level my clients can understand and, in turn, can effectively communicate my client's needs to my colleagues. I am someone who appreciates both technical complexities and customer's pain and feel it's important to the success of any business to be a trusted advisor to both my clients and my co-workers. I am passionate about developing highly collaborative teams , with a strong sense of connection to a common goal. Coaching my clients to become subject matter experts leads to self-sufficiency and a greater return on their investment. 



I take psychological ownership for anything I commit to, have natural dependability, and believe excuses and rationalizations are totally unacceptable. I will make it right if, for any reason, a commitment is not met. 


I prefer to use my time wisely and being efficient is important to me. When it pertains to my goals, I'm diligent, persistent, and attentive. All particular actions must push me closer towards those goals. 


I have a constant need for achievement with an internal fire burning that continually asks, "What's next?" I'm not a minimum expectations type of person. I take advantage of my self-motivation by setting challenging goals. The prospect of what lies ahead is more motivating than what has been completed. 


In relationships, I bond with and work well with people who tell me what they want to accomplish in life or their business. I want to understand their goals, feelings, fears, and dreams. True caring means helping others be successful and fulfilled.


I search for patterns and connections in data by peeling the layers back until the root cause is revealed. I take a logical and systematic approach to problem-solving to analyze factors that might affect a situation. Then, I can move it from its analytical to action phase. 


About Me

Hello, I'm Amy. I'm a midwest girl at heart, born and raised in Akron, Ohio, on my family's horse farm. My inseparable relationship with horses consumed my childhood and forged into my adult years. Those moments with family and horses are fond memories of mine. 


After many years of short, gorgeous summers and long, brutal Lake Erie winters, I relocated to Charlotte to generate a better quality of life for myself and to fully enjoy my hobby of motorcycle riding. 

A couple years later I moved to Los Angeles and I'm here to stay. Los Angeles has been a great experience for me. I love the constant sunshine, outdoor eateries, and meeting new people.

When serving clients, trust and likability are more powerful than having encyclopedic knowledge or knowing complex equations.” 

~  James A. Runde

My Values

1. My actions always match my words.

When I tell you I will do something, I mean it. Period.

2. I have many interests and creative pursuits and embrace my many passions.

I feel my diverse interests across numerous subjects give me an unique advantage to be successful in many endeavors and professions.

3. I have a solid foundation of EQ.

It leads to effective communication and solid relationships with others. I allow the emotional information to guide my thinking and behavior. If tense situations arise, I meet emotion with logic and patience. 

4. I'm consistent.

I show up and bring value to every interaction. I keep my promises. Every time.

5. I believe failure is good.

It's typically the first step towards success. I am a firm believer in stepping out of my comfort zone in order to find my true success potential. Failures are humbling, giving me empathy for other people in their weaknesses. 

6. I believe community connection is vital.

I volunteer weekly in my local community.

7. My natural talents were given to me by God.

As one of God's children, my heart yearns to glorify Him with those gifts He has given me. 

8. I always seek out my "true north".

To me "true north" means growing, learning, and not becoming static.

9. I pay it forward.

I feel it's important to share with others the knowledge I've gained and give people genuine opportunities to grow and develop in order to feel successful and fulfilled.

10. I enjoy the moments.

I savor even the smallest moments to laugh, build trust, and create memories with someone. 

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What People Say


"Amy is the talent that could be well harvested for growth-oriented companies. Her responsibilities grew as the team she supported grew during her 15 plus year time at Experient. Unfortunately, her time at Experient only came to an end as COVID-19 decimated the events industry. Prior to the pandemic, Amy's skills were superb because she was a self-starter. An oft overused cliché for the vast majority of employees, but a term that fits Amy well. You could discuss a concept and hand it over to her with confidence knowing that the concept would be actualized and would end up better than the original vision. 

She is a solutions finder. Many people seek roadblocks or reasons to avoid moving forward. Amy focuses on finding the desired solution to any challenge and simply overcoming any potential roadblocks. 

Bottom line, Amy cares. Take a look at the many of recommendations on LinkedIn from the entrepreneurs she supported. Most of the recommendations are from the very people she supported during her 15-year contribution to our company. These recommendations are evidence that if a company values growth, and needs someone to drive that growth - Amy Alonso would be a valued asset."

Andrew Smith , Managing Vice President and Former Manager of Amy Alonso


Get In Touch

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Amy Alonso

Simi Valley, CA